Partially Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Real-Time Image Stream

With over 20 billion internet of things (IoT) devices connected today, having the possibility to implement a low-cost security camera is now an option. Camera vendors can provide software to enable remote viewing anywhere around the world. However, the problem arises in security measure taken. By only providing encrypted services to authenticate a user by login credentials, there still is a vulnerability in raw stream. Newer types of intrusions like spoofing, or man in the middle attacks mean that once they have breached the account, they are able to gain full viewing access of the camera stream. However, by encrypting the stream of these IoT cameras, we have a chance to truly retain privacy and ownership of our data. With IoT devices being limited with on-board memory and CPU speeds, this can be a challenge. To mitigate and offset any CPU intensive work, we will encrypt the data between our cloudlet device and our edge device by using a partially homomorphic encryption scheme called ”Elgamal encryption”. This CPU offloading allows the cloudlet to transmit streams at much higher framerate. The proposed system will utilize a Raspberry Pi 4, for our cloudlet with our desktop being the edge.