Endurance: an intelligent application to enhance battery life of Android based devices

Mobile devices have changed human life by giving impetus of speed and mobility to technology. As batteries with limited capacities powers mobile devices, battery runtime became critical aspect of mobile computing. The objective of this project is to design a closed loop solution to enable adaptive resource allocation based on current state of the mobile device. Major power consuming utilities for Smart Mobile Devices are WiFi chipset, Cellular Radio, Bluetooth, GPS, Display, CPU etc. Different applications running on mobile devices uses these power-consuming utilities, which makes it very crucial to manage such applications along with power consuming utilities. As power consumption comes from hardware-based utilities, limiting such hardware usage will result in battery efficiency. Endurance application (app) will optimally manage power-consuming utilities running on the device to prolong the time for device to run out of battery. This application will also track power consumption pattern of various applications running on the device and estimate battery time improvement associated with each application if user closes particular application. This will allow user to manage his device smartly.