A writing scaffolds [sic] influence on student performance: using scaffolds to improve writing for fifth grade students

Teaching writing is a serious issue in schools as well as difficult to do. Teachers can get over focused on procedures, process, genres and testing and under focused on thinking and communicating. Somehow we need to make the writing process doable, manageable, and enjoyable. We need to simplify the process, still keeping expectation high. The purpose of this study is to use meaningful scaffolds that would assist ten low performing fifth grade students in developing their writing skills. The scaffolds were easy to use and assisted the students in reading comprehension. Both scaffolds address the fifth grade California language arts and English language development standards. The two scaffolds, dialogue journals and graphic organizers, as well as the small group sessions addressed the challenges of the students. The activities allowed the students to learn through writing scaffolds and oral language practice. Item only available to the CSUSM community. Authentication with campus user name and password required.