A parent-adolescent group: a focus on the impact of communication and parenting styles on adolescents in Latino families

With Latinos comprising the largest ethnic minority group in the United States (Census, 2006) and immigration as a constant at a rise, it is more critical than ever to consider the impact of cultural values and explore the distinctive nature of parenting in Latino families. The purpose of this project is to develop a psychoeducational and process group tailored for first and second generation Latino parents of adolescents. The provided curriculum is written for future facilitators as a step-by-step guide for implementation of a parent-adolescent group, yet it still provides room for flexibility and modification if necessary. This group will increase parental understanding of adolescent development based on Erikson's developmental stages, review the impact of parenting styles and attachment, teach effective communication skills, and explore how culture plays a major role in parenting. The adolescents will be involved in certain groups where they will learn skills side by side with their parents in efforts to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Overall, participation in this group will provide parents and adolescents with education on new methods of communicating, thus improving the parent-adolescent relationship.