A Day In The Life of a Cuban Rumbera

It was 2013 when I received my first College Degree in Music Education from Cal State Los Angeles University. I had been waiting for this special accomplishment since I was five years old. Receiving my diploma was such an amazing feeling however, during summer break that same year I had to ask myself “What’s next after this?” From that moment on I knew that a Bachelor Degree was not enough for me and that I needed to go to the next level. I wanted to be more knowledge to become an expert in a specific style of music. Reminiscing back to my final undergrad years, I remember I use to always study outside by the music building bleachers and listen to the echo of a salsa band rehearsing. I was always curious to know more about the band and what it was all about. One day I noticed one of my classmates walking into rehearsal of that salsa band and immediately I had to ask him, who was the person I needed to speak to audition. My classmate told me to audition with Dr. Paul De Castro who oversaw the Afro-Latin Program and when I did, I was part of the group immediately. From then on, that was the moment my journey in Afro-Latin Music began. I was introduced to a different side of the world musically and culturally and my career as a student and as a singer were no longer the same.