Self-Perceptions of Seniors Denied Government Subsidized In-home Supportive Care

Purpose: This qualitative research study examines the perceptions of seniors in need of in-home supportive care but unable to access government subsidized care due to income limitations. Hypothesis: Preliminary research on this subject highlights the growing need for such services to permit seniors to remain at home and avoid institutionalized care, however, published research on the perceptions of seniors directly impacted by current policies regarding access to care is limited. Methods: This study utilized secondary data in the form of assessment records provided by a California based medical social services agency. Results: The results of this study indicate that many seniors are suffering as a result of inadequate, substandard, or non-existent in-home care placing them at risk for harm for exploitation, manipulation, and deteriorating health. Discussion: The researchers hope this research provides valuable insights into the experience and perceptions of seniors unable to access safe and affordable in-home care and that this study will contributes to the limited extant body of literature on this topic.