Self-Esteem in Young Women of Color: Does Hip-Hop have an Impact?

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between young women of color's self-esteem and their consumption of hip-hop music created by female artists by answering the following questions: 1) what impact does frequent listening of female hip-hop artists have on self-esteem of young women of color and (2) which themes have positive or negative impact of self-esteem? Based on previous research and Social Learning Theory, there are two hypotheses for this study: (1) young women of color who listen to female hip-hop artists frequently are likely to have higher self-esteem than those who do not, and (2) themes in hip-hop music regarding a successful lifestyle and sociocultural issues will correlate to higher self-esteem compared to themes regarding physical characteristics. An anonymous 31-item survey regarding listening behavior, music content and self-esteem was posted on social media to gather responses. Results: When correlated to self-esteem, Lifestyle theme was the most heavily related to self-esteem, followed by Physical and Sociocultural themes. Discussion: Sex, men, and success were negatively correlated to self-esteem, suggesting a negative impact on young women of color.