The effects of READ 180 on the reading fluency of fifth grade students

Reading must be fluent. Readers must have the ability to identify words automatically. If students expend all their concentration on decoding words, they will be unable to focus on meaning. However, readers who can identify words automatically are better able to focus their attention on meaning. Research shows that in the early grades, children who make the swiftest progress in achieving fast and accurate word identification skills receive the best scores on reading comprehension tests. Children need to develop fluency in word recognition so that they can concentrate on the meaning of the text. One such program for improving reading fluency is called READ 180. This interactive computer reading program provides a powerful response to this urgent need. READ 180 is a comprehensive reading intervention program designed to meet the needs of students in elementary to high school whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. Using the computer reading program, READ 180, the researcher will document improvement in the reading fluency rate of five fifth grade students.