Masters Thesis

The effect of ankle prophylactic bracing on lower body kinematics when landing from a vertical jump

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of the ASO ankle brace and the closed Gibney ankle taping method on kinematics of the lower body when landing from a vertical jump. By observing lower limb joint angular kinematics during landing this study may help to identify if ankle prophylactic bracing may increase the potential risk of injury to the more proximal unstabilized knee and hip joints. For this study, 10 females (age: 18-24 years), were randomly selected from a group (N= 24) of well-trained intercollegiate athletes, who had been competitive for at least 4 years in a jumping sport.Following a 10 minute warm up on an exercise bike, subjects were asked to perform three maximal vertical jumps with their ankles taped, braced or no stabilization. Lower body kinematic data was collected using 3D high-speed digital motion capture (120 fields/s, MX-3 Vicon, Centennial, CO) and reflective markers. Our research study has demonstrated that the external ankle stabilization method of the semi-rigid ASO lace-up brace and the Closed Gibney ankle taping method with figure of eights and heel locks have no significant effect on ankle, knee or hip joint ROM when landing from a vertical jump. However, the data showed a trend of reduction in ankle plantarflexion in both stabilization groups when compared to the control (p=.013).