ParkMe: A Parking Request App in Swift

Over the past few years, there have been a proliferation of service technologies that leverage the principle of shared economy, which allows for the ability to buy, sell or rent goods and services from one person to another. Given the difficulty of obtaining parking at CSUN, other universities, as well as many parts of the world, the proposed project idea is a parking application that will serve as a marketplace exchange of parking spots. While there are applications that allow people to obtain parking spots via available parking spots from businesses, such as parking garages or other managed parking areas, this app will demonstrate how the shared economy business model can be applied to an application for finding parking spots. In addition, this thesis will detail specific use cases, such as the use in universities, where this app would provide benefit over the existing parking application model. This app will allow people to interact with other people, where one person may exchange their parking spot for a price that is set by the other person. The application will feature registration and login systems, as well as the ability to purchase or sell specific parking spots, and to see those spots on a real-time map. The available parking spots and price will be shown, sorted by the nearest to the buyer. In addition, the application will be backed by a cloud server, capable of providing real-time database services for storing user data, transaction data and other important information.