Concerto and Recital Works by Tausig, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Turina and Mozart

In this paper, I will analyze and discuss the works that I performed on my Master Degree solo recital and concerto concert. My recital and concerto repertoire consisted of works by Carl Tausig, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franciszek Chopin, Robert Schumann, Joaquin Turina and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The goal of this paper is to write about an analysis of the form, harmonic structure, and history of these pieces. And I also will show my personal idea and experience about how to play and work on these pieces. For my solo recital program, I performed a range of styles representing each of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Spanish music. The variety of these styles gives the pianist an opportunity and big challenge to play a full variety of techniques, articulations, and interpretive approaches on the piano. Different periods of music have different musical style. Pianist needs to show the musical characteristics of the different periods to the audience in a concert. For my concerto recital, I chose the Mozart piano concerto No.24 in C minor. This piece is one of the only two minor-key piano concertos that Mozart composed. I played a contemporary cadenza composed by Alfred Schnittke which made classical piece sound more interesting.