Hostile takeover: a love story

Hostile Takeover: A Love Story is a romantic comedy about Frannie O'Riley, an overgrown tom boy who has trouble opening up her heart to love and romance. Frannie works in her father's construction company, a company that had once been successful but is struggling to stay afloat in the current economic climate. In order to ride out this wave, where no one wants to build, the O'Rileys decide they will survive by doing smaller renovation jobs. As Frannie attempts to book more work, she discovers there's a new company in town that's snatching up all the leads and business. Being the fireball that she is, Frannie sets out to find the owner and to convince him to get the hell out of her city. Erek Butowski, the progressive and groovy owner of EMB Homes, rejects Frannie's request, but as much as he infuriates her, they're drawn to one another and the sparks begin to fly. When they finally connect, Frannie begins to learn how to open up her heart to love and to her dormant feminine side. But the bliss doesn't last long because their philosophies are diametrically opposed and Frannie dumps him. This breaks her heart, however, because she's already in love. In the end, Frannie manages to show Erek the error of his ways, he wins her back and they live happily ever after.