Masters Thesis

Professor Fabricio Apolo Gómez Souza and the Movimiento de Acción Revolucionaria (MAR) of México 1956-1971

There have been many scholarly works written about Mexico’s Movimiento de Acción Revolucionaria (MAR) or revolutionary action movement; however, there has never been a scholarly work written about its founder Professor Gómez Souza. Ninety percent of the scholarly works written about the MAR are only available in Spanish, limiting their distribution to a broader audience of non-Spanish readers and restricting their research availability for scholars. I saw the need to both write a scholarly work about Professor Gomez Souza and to add to the existing literature about the MAR for a broader audience. This MA thesis project is ninety-percent archival, gathered and translated from Spanish declarations of formerly imprisoned MAR militants. Yet completing research on Mexico’s Dirty War was not easy because accessing archival records about the MAR and Professor Gómez Souza is difficult. The Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS) archives have been sealed, and they were briefly unsealed during the Vicente Fox presidency in 2002, only to be partially resealed again at the end of his presidency. The archival declarations used for this project come to us at a costly price. DFS agents extracted testimonials from MAR militants after hours of questioning and torture, which raises the question about the accuracy of these declarations. However, these archives are all that the historical community has, and we will use them as a window into Professor Fabricio Gómez Souza and the MAR. The archives used were gathered from the Archivo General de la Nación, and donated by Guerrero’s ex-truth commission, or (COMVERDAD) and are now compiled on a non-profit online database for the world to read the injustices of the Dirty War.