Graduate recital in classic guitar

The selection of the pieces played on this recital was based on the following criteria: A balanced variety of different types of pieces, in terms of style and historical period, from the guitar repertoire; a program which would be challenging for the performer and structured so as to have dramatic interest and continuity. The opening piece, the Fantasia No. 1 by the English Renaissance composer John Dowland, was written originally for lute. It was performed in lute tuning, with the third string tuned a half step lower to f# and a capo was placed on the third fret to raise the pitch level a minor third. Its lively quality, together with its usage of guitar techniques - four-voice counterpoint contrasted with homophonic chordal sections, and rapid scale passages in both the bass and treble - make this work a test of technical skill, articulation, and musical expression. (See more in text)...