Mentoring for success: an evaluation of a middle school mentoring program

The purpose of this study was to evaluate a middle school mentoring program, Mentoring for Success, designed to reach at-risk students to help them improve academically and behaviorally. The program was developed to build protective factors that help students foster resiliency. Mentors and mentees were asked to respond to a questionnaire about the program. Responses were analyzed and emergent themes were reported. In general, the analysis showed that students benefited from participation in the program. Students who participated in the program reported improvements in attitudes towards school and better work habits. They also reported improved selfesteem and expressed positive feelings about participation in the program. Overall, they demonstrated increased resiliency. Data from this study adds to the literature about mentoring programs, with a specific focus on at-risk middle school students. While more research is needed to understand the full impact that mentoring programs have on at-risk students, these findings suggest that participation in Mentoring for Success positively impacts students' experiences. Keywords: mentoring, middle school, mentor, mentee, at-risk, resiliency, resilient, protective factors