The implementation of California Prison Realignment Act within Merced County

The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences and perceptions of law enforcement personnel who were supervising Realignment offenders, or had direct contact with probationers and parolees. In addition, the study seek out to learn, how supervision had been influenced by the implementation of Realignment, the experiences of these officers supervising high risk probationers, and what perception officers had about the level support probationer’s had within the community that may prevent probationers from reoffending. This study was guided using a qualitative method and exploratory research design. This study is guided by the following research question: How has Realignment impacted Merced County Probation, Department, Merced County Sheriff’s and California State Parole? A total of nine participants were recruited and interviewed for this study. Results indicated that many participants view probationers as a difficult population, due to the probationers mind set. The finding identified that law enforcement had limited sanctions to impose on habitual offenders. Furthermore, the findings also suggest that correctional facilities require expansion to help accommodate the population growth.