Masters Thesis

Real Or Ideal: Millennial Perceptions Of Pornographic Media Realism And Influence On Relationship Assessments

The purpose of this study was to examine pornographic content and its influence on relationship assessments. Considering Millennials as a currently unique period of development providing opportunities to study modern pornographic ubiquity, and relationship assessments including expectations and satisfaction, this study questions whether content idealism, perceived realism, or overall explicit imagery of various media genres may be related to relationship assessments. Findings indicated greater consumption of pornographic content predicted lower sex life satisfaction, perceived realism of genres indicated higher identification with content, and higher identification with pornographic content lead to greater pornography consumption. Participants who identified more with pornography reported higher sexual expectations. Idealization of content had no direct effect on relationship or sexual satisfaction yet inversely showed a negative relationship for the effect of idealized media consumption on sexual expectations.


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