Capstone project

Remote controlled deadbolt

As the world advances in technology a greater need has arisen in the area of comfort type products. Comfort type products would include garage door openers, universal remotes, automatic coffee makers, and the like. It is our mission to create a remote controlled deadbolt and security alarm. There are several products that meet all of the requirements for our project, so the focus of our project will not be to invent a new product but rather improve upon the appearance and functionality of these products that already exist. says "you can replace your old deadbolt with this state-of-the-art and smart deadbolt which can be opened by a remote controller". says "will allow you to lock/unlock the door up to 150 ft". says "Features anti-theft Rolling Code Security with over 4.3 billion access combinations. Never uses the same code twice". We can see that these products have already been reasonably developed. While the products that are available work, they are not overly functional they also tend to be bulky and unattractive. All of the products that we have researched have a large box on the inside of the door (we will call this the containment box, or CB for short). This CB contains the running gear, batteries, and other miscellaneous other circuitry. The problem with improving on the size of the CB is in order to do so the power supply and circuitry must be drastically reduced. This will drastically increase the prototype cost as well as overall cost to the consumer. The end result will be how we have decided to improve the undesirable aspects of the existing remote controlled deadbolt and security alarms that are available.