Graduate project

The development of total communication concept : a graduate project

Chapter I. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. There seems to be some confusion and misunderstanding about the specific definition of the new system, "total communication," sometimes referred to as a total approach." Many educators of the deaf, especially those in administrative positions, are not fully aware of the proper procedures of utilizing the concept of total communication. Some of them seem to have been misled to believe that this new system is merely the "old" simultaneous method in a "new" guise. Findings of research on the education of the deaf children have shown that these children were behind their hearing peers at the advanced level because they had no means of adequate communication. This fact has denied them peer, parent and teacher interaction as well as an opportunity to develop language biologically and psychologically the same as hearing children. This has led to the search for a better way to teach the deaf and resulted in the concept of this new system of total communication. The purpose of this study was to determine the origin of the concept of total communication and clarify the terminology used to define it. Chapter II. HYPOTHESIS. The term, total communication, is so new that many people in the field of education of the deaf lack any knowledge of its origin and the specific definition of the term. This new total communication concept in use today is spreading rapidly not only because it is necessary but reports of its success prove that it is vital.