Graduate project

Two aspects of sex education programs for multiply-handicapped low-functioning individuals

In programs across the United States, teachers of low-functioning, multiply-handicapped individuals have few materials for Sex Education curricula to apply in the areas of masturbation and menstruation. At the current time, teachers are pulling from the fields of visually impaired, severely profoundly handicapped and deaf-blind to gather information, with little success. The purposes of this project were (1) to conduct a survey of practices in masturbation and menstruation from teachers in the Midwest, and (2) to compile a list of materials currently in use. The conclusions drawn from the above survey were: (1) that many teachers in the Midwest are not using specific curricula in the area of Sex Education in the classroom; (2) that teachers need and are asking for applicable Sex Education curricula in the areas of masturbation and menstruation; (3) that most teachers do not have administrative guidelines as to teaching or curriculum requirements in the area of Sex Education; and (4) that much more research needs to be done for low-functioning multiply handicapped individuals in Sex Education, specifically in the areas of masturbation and menstruation.