Masters Thesis

A Statewide comparative study in California: Celebrating Families! Program

This study is a statewide comparative study in California of the existing Celebrating Families! (CF!) Programs in evaluating the similarities and differences among these programs and their effectiveness of families actually completing the CF! Program. This research utilized both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Data was collected through structured telephone interviews with the use of the CF! Telephone Questionnaire. The CF! Telephone Questionnaire consisted of fifteen open-ended questions, pertaining to each CF! Program’s use of the original CF! curriculum. A purposive sample was used in selecting 8 of the 13 CF! Programs existing in California to participate in this research study. Through the use of SPSS analysis, the results indicated no statistically significant findings designating any one of the CF! Programs’ use of the CF! curriculum to be more effective in increasing the number of families to complete the CF! Program.


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