Capstone project

Waste heat generator

The project will create usable electric power from heat energy generated in a ship's operating system, which would otherwise be lost to the environment. Several designs have been made to utilize "waste-heat." The current systems are not available for marine applications. It is our hope, that with our design, we will possibly, be able to power a lighting system, or supply charging current to a ship's emergency batteries. Current designs contain many deficiencies with regards to marine application. Some designs are expensive; others are difficult to install, while others simply will not work in a maritime environment. For instance, using thermocouples as a source of voltage generation would consist of a thousand thermocouples to produce 1 volt for power, where one thermocouple only produces approximately one milli-volt. A more desirable system uses a series of semiconductors. One semiconductor can produce several volts, which can be used for a shipboard function. This system also does not need as much assembly as the thermocouple, as it is in fewer pieces.