Effects of Ego Depletion on Appraisers

The work of appraisers in the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor generates significant revenue for the many of the county’s cities, special districts and other county departments. But there is reason to believe that the workflow style imposed by Assessor management may be causing appraisers to make inaccurate appraisals due the imposed high volumes and fast passed work expectations. This paper examines processes behind the Assessor’s work expectations and reviews the scholarly literature on the phenomenon of ego depletion and decision fatigue. The review of ego depletion will cover from its earliest identification, height of popular acceptance and recent work that possibly casts its legitimacy into doubt. Identifying a gap in the research for knowledge workers a research design proposal will then examine the work of appraisers in the office of Los Angeles County Assessor and the rate and repetitiveness as which certain appraisers are done. These valuations will then be compared with subsequent market data to determine the accuracy of the appraisals and look for evidence of ego depletion and decision fatigue on appraisers, possibly linking the prescribed workflow to deceased job performance and any factors such as age, experience, work location and work speed may have on jobber performance and the potential impacts of such results.

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