Graduate project

A study of a segment of the Negro deaf population in the Los Angeles area

INTRODUCTION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The primary purpose of this study of the Negro deaf population in the Los Angeles area is exploratory and very general. It was undertaken to determine the approximate number of Negro deaf adults in the Lot Angeles are, their occupational, educational, and social conditions, the types of jobs they hold, their job stability, their means or communication, and their awareness or unawareness of and interest in the various adult education classes and rehabilitation services that are available. Additional objectives of this study were to discover, 1) To what extent has the Negro deaf adult made use of existing rehabilitation and social welfare services and 2) How this segment of the deaf population is affected occupationally, educationally, and socially by lack to rehabilitation services or adult education program,. In every large city there exists a sizeable number of Negro deaf adults and very little is known about them besides the fact that they exist. Almost no research has been attempted to identify their needs. In the Bigman, Lunde study on Occupational Conditions among the Deaf, it is stated that "the conditions of life and work of the adult dear have been little studied and a great many questions could not be answered by references to existing materials." Even less has been studied about the conditions among the Negro deaf. They are the most neglected and most misunderstood persons on the face or the earth. In the above mentioned study approximately 10,000 deaf persons throughout the nation were surveyed, yet only 3% of them were non-white. They were greatly underrepresented.