How oral language impacts second grade students' writing program

This study examined the effect of oral language on prewriting in the writing process ofsecond grade students. Students were partnered and asked to dialogue prior to any prewriting on multiple writing prompts. The students' dialogue was structured to address main idea, story structure, and the use ofdescriptive language. The twelve week intervention was conducted in two second grade classrooms with twenty students in each. One class was assigned as the treatment group and the other as the control group. Multiple writing prompts were scored using a district adopted rubric and averaged to gain pre and post scores. Members ofthe treatment class responded pre and post treatment to an attitudinal survey using a Likert Scale to assess how much they valued the treatment. Findings indicate that dialoging prior to prewriting may have a positive impact on the writing process ofthese second grade students. Keywords: oral language, writing process, prewriting, brainstorming, graphic organizer, dialoguing, peer conferencing