The effects of culturally relevant pedagogy on high school students

In today' s educational system, many teachers are forced to teach skills and standards using a curriculum that focuses on classic literature and textbooks, and students struggle to personally connect to what they are learning. This study uses action research to evaluate the use of culturally relevant pedagogy and its effects on students in a high school English Language Arts classroom. Research suggests that student engagement is achieved by incorporating culturally relevant pedagogy through the use of academic achievement, cultural competence, and sociopolitical awareness.· The study consisted of the researcher learning about the students, designing culturally relevant activities with the students in mind, and collecting student feedback that evaluated the culturally relevant activities. The data indicated that students were engaged with the activities created, enjoyed having options when completing assignments, and were able to sometimes connect the activities to their personal lives outside of school. The findings indicate that learning about students is paramount to create meaningful and engaging activities. Teachers should modify their activities to meet the needs of their students and collect feedback from students in order to evaluate the effectiveness of activities in terms of cultural relevance. Keywords: academic achievement, cultural competence, culturally relevant pedagogy, engagement, sociopolitical awareness.