Level of high school sports participation, number of advanced courses and resulting grade point average comparison

The role and value of athletics within schools is frequently a point of contention among students, parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, legislators and other education-related community members. The disputes that arise have provided much of the impetus for investigation into the merit of athletic participation in relation to the impact upon academic achievement. Furthermore, in the modem high school setting, there exists a variety of options for students to meet the academic requirements for graduation, bolster their transcripts for competitive college acceptance, and pursue a number of other personal interests. At the crux of these pursuits lies the nexus of academic achievement, extra-and co-curricular involvement. In this standards-based era, much debate exists surrounding the emphasis of sports participation and the worth of such participation to the student and community. The focus of this study is to analyze potential relationships among student-athletes' overall GPA due to the level of involvement in advanced courses and co-curricular athletic programs. The implications for these findings can offer data to expand the knowledge regarding the impact of co-curricular sports on academic achievement, while including an emphasis on the quantity of advanced courses in students' schedules. KEYWORDS: Academic achievement, sports participation GPA, co-curricular participation