Masters Thesis

Intimate partner violence in the LGPT+ community: perceptions of service providers and community members.

Although the prevalence rate of intimate partner violence in LGBT+ relationships is similar to that found in heterosexual relationships, specific services for LGBT+ victims of intimate partner violence are relatively unavailable. In response to the social context and multiple unique barriers experienced by an LGBT+ victim seeking assistance, services must be specific and culturally competent. A qualitative study of interviews with LGBT+ specific intimate partner violence service providers in California, along with a focus group of LGBT+ community members in the Central Valley, was conducted. The perceptions of LGBT+ community members were analyzed regarding the context in which intimate partner violence occurs and the barriers to accessing services by LGBT+ persons, particularly those in the Central Valley. A comparative analysis was conducted in terms of the types of program elements utilized by LGBT+ specific and sensitive intimate partner violence service providers. Recommendations were made for future research and for culturally competent frameworks for service design and delivery.