Professional Development Teacher Inservice Module for Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classroom Environments at the Secondary Education Level

While the number of students with special educational needs continues to increase, educators are finding themselves faced with the challenges of implementing effective teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students. Co-teaching has become an increasingly popular differentiated teaching strategy to meet these unique needs of all learners at the secondary education level. The methodology that was used for creating this project included extensive research on co-teaching strategies as well as the author’s direct experience with co-teaching in an inclusive classroom at the secondary education level. The product of this project is an in-service module for secondary educators on co-teaching in inclusive classroom environments. In the professional development module is included a comprehensive definition of co-teaching and the various co-teaching approaches recommendations for use of each approach, challenges associated with co-teaching, and a sample lesson of each co-teaching approach, as well as tips and resources for a smooth transition into implementing co-teaching within a school and district.