Russell on denoting

In this paper I examine Bertrand Russell's theory or descriptions and the criticisms brought against it by P. F. Strawson in "On Referring." I begin by stating Russell's theory and by stating and clarifying Strawson's objections. To accomplish this it becomes necessary to discuss Russell's rebuttal to Straws on's objections and also Linsky's criticisms of Strawson's remarks. The second section is devoted to a discussion of the nature of logic and the relationship between logic and ordinary language for which I rely heavily on what Quine says in word and Object. In the third section, I evaluate what Russell says by way of justification of his theory or descriptions, and also contrast Russell's theory with an alternative theory of descriptions. Finally I discuss what effects Strawson's criticisms have against Russell's theory of descriptions and how the theory might be altered in. an attempt to accommodate those criticisms. See more in text.