Graduate project

Guidelines for statewide parent-infant programs through home intervention

The purpose of this research project is to provide guidelines for services to hearing impaired infants and their families through the concept of "Home-Intervention" on a statewide basis. The need to provide quality service for all on a statewide basis is critical. Parents are frustrated for the following reasons: 1. Fear of an unfamiliar situation. 2. Lack of knowledge 3. Lack of professional guidance and support. 4. Fear of future decisions. 5. Lack of ability to communicate meaningfully with their child. Fortunately, these problems do not exist for all parents but the majority indicates many of these experiences. The development and implementation of a statewide parent-infant program for the hearing-impaired through the concept of Home-Intervention would lessen these frustrations, provide the opportunity for language development and educational growth, consolidate services in a cooperative and efficient manner, reduce financial costs due to duplicative services, and create an atmosphere of quality and professional commitment to the individual success of each and every hearing-impaired infant and his parents in the state.