How would a service-learning project about diversity impact students' acceptance of differences?

One Special Day Class of nine students participated in a service-learning project about diversity. The curriculum used in this service-learning project was obtained from the organization Teaching Tolerance and from children’s literature on diversity by authors such as Patricia Polacco. As part of the service learning, these students were in charge of promoting cultural awareness by presenting their culture poster presentations to their general education peers. The researcher examined the question: How would a service-learning project about diversity impacts students’ acceptance of differences? Other questions that will be examined: Does a service-learning project increase students’ motivation and engagement at school? Could a service-learning project on diversity decrease bullying? Does curriculum about diversity decrease stereotyping and racial slurs within the student body? The action research project was intended to raise students’ awareness about differences such as ethnicity, learning abilities, gender and socioeconomics as well as attempt to decrease bullying within the school grounds. Students’ level of engagement and participation in the service-learning project about diversity was gathered through student journals, teacher journals, and pre survey, which were analyzed to interpret students’ acceptance of differences.