What gets students reading: an examination of three teaching strategies used to foster reading engagement

The purpose of this work was to gain insight on three different teaching strategies: study guides, Socratic Seminars, and Cornell Notes, and their impact on reading comprehension levels. To accomplish this goal, the researcher compared chapter quizzes from the novel The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (2008) between the three treatment groups. In addition, the study was designed to examine students’ attitudes towards reading. Quantitative data was obtained through chapter quiz scores as well as a Likert scale survey. Student achievement was analyzed by comparing mean test scores between the study guide group, the Socratic Seminar group, and the Cornell Note group. Students completed a 5-point, Likert scale survey regarding their attitudes towards reading. Qualitative data was obtained through open-ended survey questions regarding attitudes towards reading. Quantitative data did not reveal any statistical differences between the three teaching methods. Qualitative data revealed that students enjoy reading and that they look forward to reading in class.