Influence of education, family involvement and socioeconomic status on crime and recidivism rates

This project explored the influence education, family involvement and socioeconomic status has on crime and recidivism rates. Successful parolees were interviewed and asked questions regarding their experiences with education, family involvement, socioeconomic status and incarceration. The outcome of these interview heeded seven themes, which were 1) Felt no Connection with School, 2) Feeling of not being a part of their family 3) Growing-up in households that did not express emotions or communicate, 4) Traumatic experiences during adolescent or early teen years, 5) Jail as a break from the streets 6) Vocational classes as crime deterrent while incarcerated, and 7) Terminating criminal behavior because of "being tired."

Project (M.S.W., Social Work ) -- California State University, Sacramento, 2009.

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