Outpatient rehabilitation of a patient with a nondisplaced pelvic ring fracture following a high-energy trauma

A patient with nondisplaced fractures at the base of the right superior pubic ramus, right inferior pubic ramus and right sacral ala was seen in outpatient physical therapy for 15 sessions over the course of 8 weeks. A student physical therapist provided treatment under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The patient was evaluated with goniometry, manual muscle testing, the numeric pain rating scale, the lower extremity functional scale, and the fear avoidance belief questionnaire. The patient’s goals were to improve range of motion, improve strength, restore ambulation without the use of an assistive device, and to return to work without restrictions. Primary interventions used to accomplish these goals were progressive therapeutic exercises focusing on functional and task-specific training, as well as joint mobilizations to restore range of motion. After 8 weeks of skilled therapeutic interventions the patient demonstrated improved range of motion, strength and resumed ambulation without the use of an assistive device. The patient was able to return to work full time without restrictions. The patient was discharged from outpatient physical therapy to continued independent community living with a home exercise program.