Masters Thesis

Resources facilitating community involvement in education: Emphasis on environmental literacy

Youth development and community development are intrinsically related; this project serves to enhance those connections by stimulating and facilitating environmental literacy projects. Project RELAY is a website that provides resources and skills for community members to become more involved in education. Using the platform of environmental literacy, organizations and individuals can create opportunities that integrate other aspects of life that have diminished within school systems. The site includes a model program and a model project that serve to convey how community elements can successfully integrate into the education system and influence youth development. Drawing on environmental education, place-based education, and service-learning methods, the site also provides the tools to build a network of volunteers who can positively affect youth through formal and informal education outlets and career exploration opportunities. Ultimately, this project aims to generate participation from community members who want to enhance their own environmental literacy with the interest of conveying it to youth through place-based education projects. This site will serve to strengthen the community’s capacity for youth support as well as contribute to a general sense of place and stewardship within the area.