Analysis of Coral Bleaching Policy: A Case Study of Australia

GMA 400 - Senior Seminar Research

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze and criticize the current policies in place regarding the protection of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in relation to coral bleaching. To accomplish these goals, the writer examines different policies put in place by the Australian government, while analyzing the strengths and weaknesses within. In addition to this, the author analyzes the policies in place on both the national and state level in the United States; focusing on the strengths and weaknesses, in addition to the viability of Australia adopting some of the policies in place in the United States. There are two main findings; first, Australia is working in the right direction in implementing a strong policy to combat coral bleaching but needs to stay focused on the ends, ways, and means. Second, Australia cannot fix the problem on their own; it is going to take a global effort to make a significant change. From an environmental perspective, the implications of strengthening the policy to protect corals can have a lasting effect for years to come.