Technology Integration Within Education as it Relates to Teacher Perceptions and Student Success

In the age of technology, there is an ever-increasing desire to understand what impact technology is having on the brain’s development. Technology is now taking over our K-12 Education system, as each student is issued a laptop to complete their studies. This study described and explored teachers’ perceptions about the use of technology in the classroom. The need to understand what impact this shift in beliefs has and what the next step in education will be, was the primary motivation of the researcher. In this study, a Likert-scale survey was distributed to teachers at three high schools within the Hesperia Unified School District. The teachers were given ten questions to answer, to help gather a deeper understanding the perceptions that teachers hold about the use and implementation of technology. These perceptions were cross examined with graduation rates to determine if there was an impact. It was found that teachers have an overinflated perception regarding the use of technology. Understanding what impact technology holds in the classroom will help develop techniques and methods that provide an equal opportunity for all students regardless of social class and/or access to internet services outside of the classroom. The research model and hypothesis of this study can guide subsequent research.