"Counseling'The Bully'": A school counseling workshop on effectively counseling middle school bullies

The purpose of "Counseling'The Bully'" is to offer middle school counselors a guiding, counseling framework they can utilize to effectively treat students suspected of bullying behaviors. Bullying is a wide-spread, serious issue in middle schools and poses harmful consequences to all students involved. The expected outcome/goal of the proposed, two-day (two hours minimum) psychoeducational workshop is for bullying to be reduced in schools. The guiding framework of "Counseling'The Bully" is built on school counselors adopting and personalizing four key principles into their unique counseling style and approach: 1) Knowledge of and being able to identify bullying characteristics; 2) Awareness of personal bias toward "bullies"; 3) Person-Centered Therapeutic (PCT) core conditions of empathy, warmth, active listening, and unconditional positive regard; and 4) Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapeutic (REBT) techniques that help students directly confront their faulty thinking processes.