Masters Thesis

An Evaluation of the Bureau of Land Management Bakersfield field office's safety training in the new employee orientation

In many organizations the bulk of safety training provided to employees, with the exception of reoccurring “re-fresher” training occurs during initial period of their employment; most commonly through the employee orientation. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is no exception to this norm; providing the majority of safety related training and information upfront in the new employee orientation. The BLM, however, has identified the new employee orientation process as a major issue of concern of its employees through several employee satisfaction surveys (BLM, 2011). Specifically, the inconsistency between various levels and divisions of the agency in the type information provided during the new employee orientation process. This inconsistency is no exception in the BLM Bakersfield Field Office. The inconsistency arises in the Field Office when safety training disseminated by supervisors is not uniform in information. Providing a consistent new employee orientation with regards to safety may aid in the reduction of incidents and therefore of costs, and also ensure the wellbeing of all employees is safe guarded. This study will evaluate three other agencies that are similar to BLM and evaluate their safety orientations. This study will develop a policy and orientation package based upon the best safety orientation package from the other agencies. The orientation will be recommended for implementation in the BLM Bakersfield Field Office. The package will instruct managers and employees on how best to implement the safety orientation to ensure all employees: 1) are familiar with their roles and responsibilities with regard to workplace safety; 2) receive the required training of their position in a timely fashion; 3) are provided the correct information with regard to the processes to follow when reporting an accident/injury; and 4) records of employee safety training/requirements are reported and tracked appropriately.

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