Masters Thesis

Factors influencing registered nurse turnover in Bakersfield, CA hospitals

Retention of registered nurses is a complex, continually evolving challenge in healthcare administration. Turnover of registered nurses is a costly and time-consuming drain on hospital personnel and finances, with a related negative impact on patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care. This paper will address the root causes of RN job dissatisfaction and resultant turnover. Job satisfaction surveys and exit interviews from a hospital in Bakersfield, California, will be analyzed to determine which working conditions lead to the lowest satisfaction scores on the surveys. Exit interview responses will be analyzed to determine the leading reasons for a RNs decision to change employment. The research reveals that reasons influencing turnover in Bakersfield, California hospitals (workload, relationship with supervisor, compensation, and communication) align with those recognized as turnover triggers in contemporary RN retention literature. The study concludes with recommendations to address those areas influencing turnover intention at the subject hospital.


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