Capstone project

Shaft alignment trainer

Misalignment of couplings is a major cause of machinery vibrations. It is very critical to have all shaft couplings aligned in order to minimize machinery vibration as much as possible. It is also very critical for modern engineering graduates to know how to align shaft couplings and how to measure vibrations in bearings. It has come to my attention that the training facilities aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear are lacking in the area of shaft alignment training equipment. The Second Assistant Engineer aboard the T.S.G.B., John Coyle, has expressed to me that he would like a shaft alignment trainer for an instruction aide during cruise. He was ready to purchase a trainer for about $5,000 but would much rather have a midshipman build one instead. The shaft alignment trainer which I am proposing to design and build will facilitate the instructors on the training ship when teaching vibration and alignment classes. This trainer will have the capability to misalign couplings intentionally in order to study the effect on vibrations. The trainer will have various types of couplings which will be interchangeable, so the effects of misalignment may be compared between different couplings. The shaft alignment trainer will consist of the following basic components: aluminum bed plate - jacking bolts - small electric motor - sensor mounting studs - various couplings - shaft fitted flywheel - two pillow block bearings, with replacements