Confrontations, a personal expression in sculpture

The sculpture that comprises the group "confrontations" is really a highly personal statement related to my identity. This body of work comes primarily from the emotional part of me and is a result of personal experiences and related feelings I have had in the last several years. "Confrontations" is all encompassing. It is expressed through the nature of the materials I use confronting each other. It also has to do with confronting myself and therefore is a confrontation in all senses of the word. This work is the result of a new direction after a lengthy re-evaluation of my art. This new body of work in mixed media consists primarily of glass, metal, cotton, rubber, and acrylic sheet. I was familiar with these materials having had a strong background in bronze and resin casting, stone carving and glass blowing. It was the process of putting these materials together in a new spontaneous way that freed me from some of the limitations of scale and time that traditional materials and methods often impose. I began to use the actual materials to create the effects I wanted instead of trying to create the illusion of these effects in bronze. This opened up a whole new exciting area of expression for me. The issues I am •dealing with involve contrasts between hard and soft materials, and how one directly affects the other. The duelism that is present in each sculpture results in a theme of symbiotic relationships. I work to create visual tensions by the compression and opposition of different forms and materials. The forms I most often use are characteristically rounded, sensual, and often sexually suggestive. I simply respond to the nature of the materials and create forms pleasing to me. Their meaning is often unclear to me, buried in my subconscious, sometimes brought to my conscious awareness later through the responses of those who view them. The glass is strong and yet fragile as well as transparent. The cotton and rubber are soft and flexible like soft feminine aspects of myself. These things beckon to be touched because they are sensual in appearance. A glass shard pierces a soft, white, cloudlike form but it is not destroyed. It remains intact. A thick, broken piece of glass is surrounded, enveloped and protected by soft mounds of cotton, only its silvery edge visible but its presence strongly felt. Folded rubber spills out of a slice in a metal disc in an attempt to free itself. Another large metal disc holds captive in its center voluptuous folds of foam rubber. (See more in text)