Want to be Creative in Negotiations? Use your Multicultural Experience

Through negotiations, one can settle disputes and establish beneficial business partnerships and agreements (c.f. De Dreu, Weingart, & Kwon, 2000). Therefore, being able to negotiate creative and unique agreements is a significant managerial outcome. Previous literature shows that one of the factors associated with creativity is multicultural experience, however, this was explored on an individual level (Aytug et al., 2018). Creativity in a negotiation context has been scarcely investigated. Therefore, this present study seeks to fill the gaps in the literature that exist about differential relationships with negotiation creativity, by examining whether a dyad's level of multicultural exposure and interaction will have a positive association with their negotiation process and outcomes in a cross-cultural negotiation. This present study collected data on 130 students (65 dyads) from the College of Business at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Participants are recruited from various Management and Human Resources courses. Participants engaged in a dyadic negotiation exercise scenario by negotiating as suppliers and manufacturers over a possible robotics manufacturing and marketing relationship. After, each student took an online survey that measured levels of information sharing, MCEs, negotiation Subjective Value Inventory, perspective taking, and conflict management style. Currently, this study is in the process of being analyzed, but if our hypothesis is substantiated this would be a very interesting and meaningful contribution to literature. In today's global and interconnected society, this study will highlight the connection between multicultural experiences and negotiation creativity to help further develop training programs to enhance negotiation outcomes.


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