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Masters Thesis

Program evaluation of Associated Students Incorporated at CSU-Bakersfield: assessing the effectiveness of student governments in the CSU system

Summary Associated Students Incorporated at California State University Bakersfield is the student government on campus. ASI not only represents the students of CSUB, but also is a nonprofit organization 501(c) 3 corporation. ASI has never had program evaluation done, since ASI is a nonprofit organization it important for one to be done, so the organization is aware of any issues that they are not addressing. Discussion ASI in 2010, created a five-year strategic plan for where the organization is going. ASI has four areas that are elements that make up ASI. Those areas are: -Finance, which funds events/ programs; -programming which hosts events; -Internal affairs that deal with the inner workings of ASI; and, -External affairs that deal with student advocacy. The reason for this study is to review the documents of ASI and the business they currently conduct to see if the organization is achieving their goals. Finally, ASI has been looking to grow as an organization. Certain programs looking into are sustainability projects, internship opportunities, grant writing, and community outreach. With the current funding model of ASI and the recession is it feasible for ASI to be able to reach these goals. As well as if, ASI is even meeting their current goals and objectives with the current funding model.


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