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A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Modern Music

The goal of this research project is to compare and contrast modern American and Chinese music. To achieve this core goal, primary and secondary data was utilized. Secondary was collected from journal articles, textbooks, and authentic websites, while primary data was collected through interviews conducted using emails. A descriptive longitudinal research design was utilized to analyze data touching on the two sets of music within a specific time in history. The study found out that modern Chinese music borrows heavily from the traditional music while modern music in America was found to be based mainly on emergent trends. The analysis also reveal that both American and Chinese music have benefited immensely from the impact of technology. Generally speaking, the findings of the study reveal that sound have shifted in the modern music both for Chinese and American music. It is recommended that future studies should explore the impact that globalization, a core factor, has had on the Chinese and American music given the growing reach of modern music from these two societies