Masters Thesis

The effect of inservice education on attitude toward death and dying.

A number of studies have been done on attitudes toward death and dying. In general, conclusions infer that most people, including nurses, have anxiety regarding death. Studies about nurses show that their attitudes about death and dying are reflected in their behavior toward the dying patient. For instance, nurses, consciously or unconsciously, use a variety of mechanisms to avoid dying patients or circumvent the subject of death when talking with these patients. Many methods have been employed to deal with this problem so that nurses can be more aware of how they can cope with their own feelings in an effort to provide more effective patient care. Books and articles have been written, seminars held, and inservice education provided for this purpose. Some nursing schools are now more aware of the problems regarding death and dying and have increased content on death and dying, and grief and grieving, in their curricula. Do these methods really change the nurse's attitude? Does increased education really make a difference? These Questions initiated this study.