Of fools, sloths, and strange women

Involvement in art eventually encounters the question of: why create; what is the purpose of art? Perhaps the solution is brought to light while focusing on the phenomenon of change and constancy. It is strange how every physical thing is in a state of change while its essence remains the same. Nothing ceases to exist; it simply changes its form, state of matter, or level of energy. A continuum exists between the external change of an object and its eternal constancy. In regard to mankind, this continuum is evident in its basic need to be entertained. One aspect of this experience is, that to be entertaining, an object, idea, or work must in some way be different from that which has gone on before. The need for entertainment is constant, but it must encompass change. In the culture of modern man, the existence of art fills this need. It becomes an object of entertainment, whether it be instructional, descriptional, or simply visually pleasing. The process of encountering a work becomes an illuminating experience to man's intellect and, in a broad sense, is entertaining. (See more in text)