The Even Start Program and its effect on the homework participation rate of its students

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of the Even Start program in one Southern California school district on the English Learners (EL's) of its community and their homework activities. A second purpose is to guide administrators and teachers in their attempts to meet the needs of these EL students. The literature review in this study gives an overview of parental involvement, the Even Start Program, homework issues, and the roles of the administrators and teachers. Even Start parents were surveyed, as well as their children's teachers and the administrators of schools servicing the Even Start families. Methods of this study also include an observation of an Even Start home visitation. This study revealed that Even Start is meeting its stated objectives with its parents and students. The study also demonstrated a need for communication between Even Start and its students' elementary school teachers and its administrators regarding Even Start's goals and the issue of homework. Training is also recommended for the elementary school teachers on how to improve their communication skills, and training for Even Start Pre-School teachers for supporting the homework activities of older students (grades K-5).