Masters Thesis

Social skills curriculum for middle school students with an intellectual disability

Students who have an intellectual disability have a hard time understanding empathy and how other people feel, will have a hard time interacting appropriately; and making strong peer connections. Students with an intellectual disability have difficulty in the area of self-awareness and how they present themselves to other peers. Adequate social skills curriculum for students who are cognitively impaired is minimal, there is not a lot of curriculum available that is tailored specifically for students who are identified as having an intellectual delay. As the researcher, who has observed in the classroom, it is evident that this population tends to have a hard time communicating and having empathy or understanding their feelings appropriately. In order to help, students need support to effectively communicate, problem solve, gain social skills, and understand their own feelings as well as others around them. To support them, social skills curricular materials need to incorporate their cognitive ability not just their current age and grade level.